Do you have a thirst for a new adventure? Do you feel like there is something missing in your life, but you’re too afraid to ask? Do you want to live abroad and travel the world?

Meet Gee, a risk taker and an expat living in Norway. Once dreamt of travelling the world, now chasing her dream one country at a time.

Gee inspired me to not settle for anything less and go after my dreams no matter what happens. Her incredible and inspiring story reminded me to stay hungry for new adventures and to keep my faith in GOD.

Name: Gee-Ann Marie Rubi

IG: @thefilipinaexplorer

Work/ Passion: Traveling

Countries visited: Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Spain, France, Latvia, Iceland, Czech Republic, Greece, Portugal, Norway, Andorra, Austria, Hungary

Country of Origin: Philippines

 What is the reason why you want to live abroad?

There are a lot of reason why I want to live abroad. I’m the type of person who is always hungry for new adventures. It is my dream to explore different countries and to travel the world someday. I love my family so much and I know deep down that there are things or journeys in life that I want to take alone. I want to live an independent life while I’m helping my family at the same time. I want to meet new people, create  new experiences in life, learn to stand on my own, and discover different cultures. I think all of these will slowly be achieved through living in a foreign country. It has been 3 years since I left home and I’m feeling excited to finally visit my family this coming month of July.

My Mom was hesitant to let me work and travel in Europe without any relatives living here and I told her that, “I know it won’t be easy for me, but this is the path that I want to take. This is want I want for myself and through this I can also help my family. I know that I made my loved ones very proud of me, especially, my Mom. She has always been my inspiration to keep going no matter how difficult it is for me sometimes. I’m also proud of myself because I know what I have been through and sacrificed just to make my dreams come true.

People might see us happy and living the perfect life, but to be honest, there are some untold stories of hardships that it is only us who knew about it. We don’t need to tell the entire universe/ family of what we have been through daily. Sometimes we do keep it to ourselves and will do our best to overcome life’s challenges without other people’s awareness.

What does it feel like living in another country?

For me living in a foreign country is a big challenge and also a good/ nice experience at the same time. It was a big challenge in a way that you can’t avoid being discriminated (I’ve experienced that a lot of times) and you need to adapt to a culture that is way too different from yours. I’m very thankful because through living abroad, I learned new languages, made new friends, and became more independent.

I also discovered how capable I am of thanking care of myself and in achieving my goals in life. As I have said, it is one of my dreams to explore the world and I’m the happiest now because I have been to my desired countries to visit.

What is the funniest/ scariest thing ever happened to you being an Expat?

I think it was when I was living and working in Finland. I faced some great battles when I was there. Can you imagine you’re in a country where you don’t know anyone? I made myself strong because I know that I can only help myself and no one can. In my mind it’s like, “I will never give up on my dreams and I will do whatever it takes to achieve them, Life is tough. But I am tougher.” I can’t be weak, I have to be mentally, emotionally and physically strong. Everything has been paid off now…. Slowly! That is why I’m happy and proud of myself.


What are some of the life lessons you’ve learned during your stay in another country?

The life lessons I have learned during my stay in another country is that never ever let anyone abused you. You always have to fight for your right because no one has a right to treat you like shit.

What are some of the advice you can give to people who aspire to live abroad?

My advice to people who aspire to live abroad is that if it is something that you really want, then go for it. Don’t listen to what other people are say, listen to your heart. It will never be an easy life but it will give and teach you lessons that will surely help you to achieve your dreams. 

Bonus question: What’s your favorite place and food in the whole wide world?

My favorite places are Portugal and Iceland. I like to try different cuisines actually, but I think I fell in love with this pastry in Portugal which is called “Pastei’s de Nata.” There are a lot of good food in the world, but nothing can beat the Philippine Cuisine.