Hi Beauties!

How do I maintain my curly hair without using harmful chemicals and expensive products? Learn how you can manage your curls with my DIY Curly Hair Styling Cream and your hair will love you for it!


Everywhere I go people kept on asking me if my hair is naturally curly? Yes it is, but it’s not always been this healthy and manageable like it is now. My hair went through a lot of chemical damage.  I wanted to put a stop on it so, I invested a lot of my time researching on how I can turn my frizzy and dull curly hair into a healthy, bouncy and manageable hair.

Are you ready for you hair transformation? Stick with me cause I'm about to spill the beans. 

You can have a healthy and bouncy hair by just a few ingredients. Did you know that the products we buy from the market have harmful chemicals that can chemically damaged our hair? I hear your screaming "Omg what!". Turns out the shampoos and conditioner that are being sold in the market that we thought were a gift from heaven were not really a blessing. It causes even more damage to our hair. 

Now don't worry my dear I am here to save your hair *wink wink. Say goodbye to frizzy hair and say hello to your new bestfriend (hair styling cream and me).

Things you'll need:

  • 3 tsp of Shea Butter

  • 3 tsp of Coconut oil

  • 3 tsp of Jamaican Castor oil

  • 3 tsp of Cocoa Butter

  • Small dish or Bowl

  • Teaspoon

  • Container


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Then, microwave for about 2 mins. Next, transfer the mixture in the container. You can now wash and condition your hair while letting the mixture to cool down. 


After washing your hair you may choose to air-dry or blow dry your hair (I prefer to always air-dry)  flip your hair upside down and scrunch it up while applying the mixture.

Now you're ready to take over the world rocking that bouncy curls! I want to hear more about how you take care of your hair. Don’t forget to flaunt your sexy curls on instagram tag me @jamiesmores. I would love to hear your curly hair transformation.