“Wow!!! Is that natural? I love your hair. Your hair is so beautiful.”

I just love hearing that. Everywhere I go people compliment me about my hair. Of course I am happy to hear that my hair is beautiful, after all I put a lot of effort and time applying natural hair masks to bring it back into life. You see my hair used to be dry and damaged because I used to straightened it every year.

Straightening my hair is one of the biggest mistake I did in my life. I was a frustrated curly hair girl who wanted to have straight hair. I felt that I wasn’t good enough, so I tried to fit in with society by following the straight hair trend. It severely damaged my hair to the point that I need to cut my hair so short. I remember when I was a teenager, I struggled with low self-esteem because of my hair and I know a lot of women can relate to me. My damaged hair made me feel so conscious about what I look like.

I learned a lot from that experience. It is not just about having straight hair or curly hair. It is about embracing who I really am and not following what is trending right now. I realized that my outer appearance doesn’t matter if I don’t feel good on the inside. Our happiness and well-being is the most important thing. Never sacrifice your happiness just to fit in with society.

If you are reading this and you are suffering from low self-esteem or you don’t like your hair, I just want you to know that you are beautiful and you may not like everything about yourself, but do not feel hopeless. You can change your life. You can start by making positive choices. Accept and embrace who you really are. You can start by feeling good on the inside. Feed your mind with positive thoughts. Keep telling yourself that, “I have a beautiful healthy hair and I love it.” Don’t worry my love I am here to guide you in this curly hair journey starting with learning how to take care of your hair.

You can have beautiful hair day every day just follow these tips and you are half way there!


#1 Warm Water

I learned that when I apply shampoo with warm water it helps remove more of dirt, oil, and build-up on my hair. After that, I use cold water when I apply conditioner. Cold water will help lock in the moisture and prevent frizz. Just like when we wash our face, we use warm water first to open up our pores then, cold water to seal in the moisture.

Recently, I just learned that I have low porosity hair. It means that my hair absorbs moisture better when I applied warm water or indirect heat (use hair steamer and heated hair wrap) when I conditioned my hair. I suggest you research about your type of hair porosity, so you know that your hair is absorbing the nutrients and moisture found in your hair products.




I always apply leave-in-conditioner to avoid having a frizzy and dry curly hair during the day. I noticed that when I apply more leave-in-conditioner my hair looks more shiny and healthy. It also holds my curl patterns all day long.

Leave-in-conditioner work wonders on your hair! It can improve your hair growth. Leave-in-conditioner moisturizes, repairs damage, and fights frizz hair. When my curly hair looks so dry, damaged and need of some extra boost I know I need to apply a leave-in-conditioner. Be sure to buy a good leave-in-conditioner and make sure it is curly hair friendly. Always read the ingredients at the back.


#3 Silk Pillowcase

For curly girls out there you need to have this. SILK PILLOWCASE and SILK HEAD WRAP. It is soft, silky and curly hair friendly. Never ever go to sleep without silk head wrap on your head or you can just use a hair tie (pineapple method). Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will prevent your hair from having split ends and reduces friction that will cause breakage and dryness, so you will wake up with less frizz and easy to fix curly hair.

Now that I am aware that curly hair needs more care than straight hair, I bought two black silk pillowcase online and it definitely made my hair less frizzy and I do not look like I had a fight with a bear in the morning (lol).


#4 No Sulfates, No Parabens, & No Silicones

The first thing that I have learned as a curly hair girl is that it is important to look at the ingredients at the back and if it has sulfates, parabens, and silicones I won’t buy it. Why? Sulfates, parabens and silicones can strip out the natural oils which can lead to dry and frizzy hair. I want you to look at your hair products in your bathroom (shampoo and conditioner) and check if it has sulfates, parabens and silicones. If your hair products have the said ingredients you better think twice if you want to keep it or throw it away.

The goal is to have a beautiful, bouncy and healthy hair. And to achieve it you have to eliminate hair products that contain chemicals that could lead to further hair damage. There are a lot of sulfates free, parabens free and silicones free in the market you just have to look very closely in the ingredients.


  • Sulfates are used as a cleansing agents which can be found in detergents and household cleaners.

  • Paraben is a preservative and can penetrate the skin. It prevents the growth of bacteria in shampoos. Recent study shows that Parabens weakly mimic estrogen. An increased in the levels of estrogen can cause breast cancer. (*cue alarming sounds)

  • Silicones condition the strand by filling in the pores in the hair shaft making a dry damaged hair turn into a healthier hair. Although it create shine, it cannot actually fix the dryness and split ends. Silicones causes buildup on hair which result to dry and itchy scalp.


#5 Castor Oil

Think of castor oil as your scalp’s best friend. Castor oil makes your scalp healthy by preventing dandruff to occur because it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It also makes your hair shiny and moisturized. Remember healthy scalp leads to healthy hair growth.

Before I shower, I apply a generous amount of castor oil on my hair and massage it for a few minutes. Regular application of castor oil will make your hair longer and healthier. I noticed that when I apply castor oil or any hair oil every night it makes my hair more shiny, hydrated and moisturized. The trick is If you want to grow your hair longer and fuller, just apply some castor oil and massage it for 15 minutes.

Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off.

#6 T-shirt

Switch your towel with your old t-shirt. Towel can make your hair frizzy because of the friction and it absorbs all the moisture from your hair. Instead of using a towel, use an old t-shirt to dry out your hair. T-shirt only absorbs the water which keeps the moisture on your hair.

This method is a game changer. I learned how to prevent frizz from just using my old t-shirt. As a curly girl, I have struggled with drying out my hair because it takes so long for it dry. Now I do not have to worry about frizz while I dry out my hair. I need my hair to retain its moisture while it dries out.


#7 Apple Cider Vinegar

Itchy scalp?


Can’t stop scratching?


I put a lot of hair products to combat frizz and split ends which resulted to an itchy scalp. Not washing your hair properly and too much hair products will cause dandruff. Can someone call a drandruffbuster (like the ghostbuster but for fighting dandruff)?

You can remove product build up (dandruff) by rinsing out your hair with Apple Cider Vinegar. It does smell terrible though. Just put 3 drops of tea tree oil on ACV with water to get rid of the awful smell. Tea tree oil helps treat dandruff by removing dead skin cells from the scalp. Apple Cider Vinegar helps lower pH which balances the ph level of your hair and bringing back its shine and healthy scalp.

I have noticed that when I use this on my hair I feel that my hair is so clean and fresh. Just apply it when your family is not at home, so you won’t hear any complains that you and your house smell terrible.


#8 Deep Condition Hair


Deep conditioning is a hair treatment which prevents damage, moisturises, restores natural shine and helps promote elasticity. You can deep condition your hair once a week and you will see amazing results if you are consistent.

I swear that my hair grew faster when I deep condition my hair once a week. Apply deep conditioner to your hair and leave it on for about 15 mins to 1 hour. It depends on your preference. I have a thick and dry curly hair that is why I need to leave it on longer. After deep conditioning my hair, I can see the big difference. It makes my hair so soft and healthy.


#9 Cut Out Damaged Hair

In life, in order for things to flourish or to grow we need to let go of things that no longer serve us. We need to cut out negative people who drained our spirit. We should also do that to our hair. Cut out all the damages in our hair which were caused by bleaching, relaxing, and rebonding. If your hair is damaged, you need to go out and find a great salon. Don’t just go to any hair salon. Go to a hair salon who is familiar with cutting your hair and an expert cutting out curly hair.

One time, I went to a hair salon to have my haircut and they told me I can’t have it because it was so short and it would look like a big poof, so I didn't get my haircut. I let my hair grow a bit longer before cutting my hair. Few months later, I went to a hair salon and got my haircut. My straight damaged hair was up to my ear, so I had my haircut all the way up to my ear.

I let go of all of my frustrations with my hair when I had my haircut. All of my negativity towards my hair, I let it all go. Once I let go of all the damages my hair has, I felt free and my hair loves it. i told myself that “I am going to take care of my hair. I love my hair. I embrace all of it.” My hair has feelings too. They want to be nurtured and loved.

Just like every thing in life, things want to be loved. Our hair wants to be loved and cared for. Listen to what your hair wants. If it needs a weekly hair masks and deep conditioning treatment, do it.


#10 Stay Away From Heat Styling Products


just stop it.

Heat styling tools strip out the natural oils in your hair. Furthermore, heat causes damage to your hair. The higher the temperature, the more your hair gets damaged. So be careful when you’re reaching out to get a flat iron or a blow dryer. Your curls doesn’t need heat styling products, they need to be nurtured and loved. Ditch the heat styling products and just apply a good leave-in-conditioner or hydrating curly styling product to your hair.

My hair was severely damaged because I rebonded my hair every year. I also coloured my hair, so Imagine my hair being “stiff and lifeless”. Not only had I not enough of chemicals but also of flat iron. Sometimes I do my hair or I go to the hair salon to have it straightened. If only our hair could talk and scream, my hair would beg me to stop.

The reason why my hair didn’t fully recovered from heat damaged was because I was still using flat irons after I had my haircut. My curls didn't start showing until I stopped using heat styling products and when I did my own research of how to take care of curly hair.

I hope these tips help you with taking care of your hair. Remember to look at the ingredients at the back and make sure it does not have any sulfates, parabens and silicones. Feel and imagine your hair being absolutely beautiful and healthy. Tell yourself that “I have a beautiful hair. I love my hair. My hair is healthy and shiny.” When you act like you already have it, you are attracting a higher vibration which brings you closer to your desired hair type. This is it for now. It is not goodbye, just see you later.




Do you have any hair care tips and suggestions for curly hair? Comment down below. I love to read about your comments.