How to Handle Insecurities and Criticism As a Millennial Woman

For a young girl, following a life dream and having a better personal life isn't an easy thing to go through especially if you are a millennial, it is a unique and different generation than any other one has ever existed, the social media and the developed technology in our lives has upgraded and changed the shape of everything, how we act toward each other, how we aspire for different goals even our personalities have changed and affected by that. We experience different reactions and feedback either form our own generation or the older ones we come through like our families, facing continuous comments and feedback on the way you behave in each aspect of your life isn't an easy thing for a woman who starts to discover things in order to find her own road.

I remember how the continuous comments and the mean looks I got as a teenager from my own kind hurt my soul, I wasn't a very social person I didn't like the grouping thing and I also didn't like people to get involved in my personal life. Although this gave me the insecurity feeling, it also played a part in shaping my current personality, even my family was trying to control and imposes their own opinions on my life under the pretext of protecting me. I figured my own rules, how you want people to treat me and the way I want my life to go through, it wasn't an easy journey and for sure I had years of downing, but to tell you my friend the result of your journey will make you feel like you owned the world so, let is dig in some of the strategies and rules I played with to come out as a stronger millennial girl.

On Over Come The Criticism

You will experience criticism at each stage of your life but for a strong woman criticism shouldn't be a double-edged weapon it must be one-edge, only take and care for what degrade or embrace some flaws you have, let's face it we all have dark spots in our personalities that we willing to change if no one mentioned them you might forget about or even don't notice, so if it is a constructive criticism absolutely matter for, it is some kind of destructive crab that gives you these negative vibes and makes you feel bad don't even hear.

Matter for Your Close People

Criticism depends on the one you getting it from, if it is a close friend or someone you trust in then try to discuss thing with, be on the right page of what he/she talking about so you don't get things wrong, if it is someone you barely know like a girl from school or a guy from work don't listen and don't care. I know that most of criticism come from girls and women surrounding us, it is weird for me as we should support each other in such unbalanced life women have to come through lots of battles, whether calling for their rights or prove themselves with extra efforts in every career, we don't have time for these inner vandal reflections on our bodies, the way we look, and whose has better home or partner. That is why you need to set boundaries between you and people surrounding you in every place whether work, school or gym it is a role that I stick to it in my life even with my family members, give everyone a specific space and don't let them exceed it, this is a plus that should avoid you lots of awkward and unwanted moments to come.

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Stay Away From Media Battles

Criticism isn't only in our real life more girls face it in the virtual life too, social media had become a considerable part of each millennial woman life they might face bullying or hurtful comments through. To be honest, I didn't come through that in my life because I am not a media girl, but many girls that I know dealt with that by one weapon 'BLOCK.' Life is short my dear it sounds cliche but it is true you don't have time for social media battles with people either you don't know or barely heard from.

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Be Strong and Open

Believe in yourself and work on your personality, if you are strong from the inside then nothing can destroy you. Always come along new things, go through different routs and paths to discover more, be open to anything take the good of it and don't even think twice of the bad. If you want to learn and enjoy your life to the end then you have to deal with criticism, I know that it is easy to say I passed that many times in my life but once you get used to it and settle your mentality on accepting all kind of thoughts and keep your heart and soul from destroying and breaking marbles you will be just fine.

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On Insecurities

Well I don't know where to start but the insecurity and anxiety have been with me since I remember things, I felt anxious toward anything, the way I look, the first day of school, when I woke up early, each memory from the past, i can write a whole new article with them. The insecurity feeling owned my life and it deterred me from making many of my dreams come true, I couldn't execute many of my plans. I won't say it was an easy thing to come over, it took me years, it affected both my metal and physical health only three things helped to come out of this hole;

Don't Over Plan

One of the worst things of insecurity feeling is over thinking, you picture things in your mind all the time, you always afraid that nothing will work out, you always plan but never proceed and you always anxious about failure, that is why I stopped myself of over planning not just for work or my career for everything. I wear everything my eye fall on other than that I might end up with the closet all over the room, I work on any project then I plan during, I chose the first item I like in the store then I am out, I get of the bed without thinking of what will happen or what I will have to deal with, acting without waiting for everything to be ready or perfect pull you out of your comfort zone that you trap yourself in to feel secure and safe.

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Work, Work, Work

You can't embrace your insecurities without knowing the source of and why you get these feeling, once you know the reasons work on them to get rid of the rock that makes your heart bleed every single day, it is a wrenching feeling and I got over it after years. For me, insecurities were about not knowing who I am, what I want in my life, and how to reach my goals that I couldn't even figure them clearly. I figured my life dream after years of discovering and exploring all kind of stuff, all helped me in the new chapter of my journey as i am establishing my new website. If you have a problem with figuring your personality or who you really are like I was, then you need to know more people it might be hard to get yourself engaged in new medium while you have such problems, but it is a good thing you get to know more types of people, more routes of life, more journeys so you can figure out yours.

Read a lot too, i wasn't a book person but I trained myself on that, you don't have to read books, read online magazines in everything don't search for preferences, watch documentaries, search for audio-books, the thing is to get more knowledge to know where you stand and how far you want to go. Another thing that helped me is filling up my time, having an ample time that you don't exploit makes you focus on your flaws and you end up falling in a hollow of anxiety and browbeat so, fill your time with any pep to be in a good mood anytime anywhere.


Be Picky with Your Friends

The one thing that you should be picky about is the people you surround yourself with, as they said quality over quantity, one good friend is better than a dozen. A supportive person adds extra vibes to your life, this doesn't mean to be a reliable person or shore your life on, following a balanced array give you a salubrious life.

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Remember my friend to live your life to your own standers, don't be needy, be open to anything, expect the worst in each side, and let the positive vibes be your closest friend no matter what you face or see go to bed at the end of your day with a warm heart, smiley face, and upbeat soul.